We welcome your interest in working with us and would like to offer you the JeanBlaque treatment, that is our commitment to you to build a relationship based on trust, integrity and honesty.

JeanBlaque Fees

Our fees are inclusive of all assessment necessary for your candidate to meet you requirements as well as reference check, personality, language assessment and Canadian criminal history check.

* Our search process is free of charge, only when you have schedule an interview with a caregiver a deposit $150. is required. This deposit is credit back to your agency fee and is non refundable once interview s has been schedule. All fees must be paid in full prior to caregiver commencing of employment.

*For Live in caregivers the following fees are not covered within JeanBlaque treatment package:

  • Transportation cost to location of work (one way ticket)
  • Government processing fee (LMO) $275. payable to service Canada
  • Temporary health insurance approx $250. until provincial health (OHIP) takes over

The JeanBlaque Treatment (overseas) $3000.00 + HST

  • We understand the time line and difficulty dealing with overseas and government process, but with OECS our overseas and Canadian partner we streamline the process to be stress free, fast and affective.
  • Our consultants mange all government process applications and approvals to accommodate with provincial labour and immigration laws.
  • On going support every step of the way.

The JeanBlaque Treatment (local) $2100.00 – 2700.00 + HST

  • The fee for local candidates varies depending on your need for live-in or live-out and the need for a driver.
  • This service offers our intensive sourcing, screening, testing and matching candidates to your particular requirements.
  • On going support every step of the way

The JeanBlaque Treatment Gold 10% -20% of annual salary + HST

Our Gold service is available to provide you a candidate that is particular or unique with additional skill which includes the following.

  • Professional household manager, specialize language candidates, professional trained Early Childhood Educator, certified teachers, chef and Chauffeurs or any other professional difficult to locate.

Our Guarantee

  • For our local caregivers JeanBlaque provides a 90 days replacement guarantee
  • For our overseas caregivers JeanBlaque provides a 180 days replacement guarantee. Overseas replacements has to be made with another overseas caregivers.

Additional Services

We understand how difficult the process is to locate and secure a good fit for your family. We provide additional services such as temporary placements, house hold staffing and consulting services. Considering your expectations, requirements, home circumstances and budget we will work with you to achieve an appropriate solution for your individual needs.